Pantalones, TX: Ghost Town & Down [Animatic]

This is a work-in-progress animatic for the Pantalones, TX animated short film entitled Ghost Town & Down.
Follow the characters from book one, Don’t Chicken Out, as they defend Pantalones from a bunch of ghosts. El bandito macho, Chico Bustamante (played by Ryan Lee) must team up with his mortal enemy, Sheriff Cornwallis (played by Brad Leland).

Chico is played by Ryan Lee
Sheriff Cornwallis is played by Brad leland
Pig Boy is played by Walker Kohler
PJ and Super Ghost are played by Shannon McCormick
Jess is Jesse Thorn
Jordan is Jordan Morris
and Yehudi Mercado plays Bucky Schultz
Don’t Chicken Out is published by Archaia and is available where ever fine books are sold.

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